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Flowchart up to Delivery

Inquiries & Proposals

Discussion will be made on material, a cutting method and conditions (processing quantity, heating temperature zone, etc.) that every user desires and our proposal will be made for a machine best fit to the conditions.

Office Hours: 9:00~17:30 Holidays: Sat., Sun., National Holidays


Trial Cutting

A sample product presented from a user, as required, will be subject to trial cutting under conditions close to those of the actual cutting

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation will be provided based on the test data and the setting of a machine best fit to the user.


When the performance of the machine and the cost estimate are accepted by the user, the machine will be manufactured according to the desire of the user.

Designing, Manufacture and Erection

Designing will be made based on the cost estimate and the machine will be manufactured according to the desire of the user.

Delivery and After-sale Maintenance

When the machine is completed, the date of delivery will be told to the user by our staff in charge. At the time of installation, an assurance test and final check will be made for whether or not there is any discrepancy in the discussed details, and this will be final acceptance inspection.
If you have any disorder or requests after the delivery, please feel free to contact us. We hope to be of service to you from now on under our infallible after-sale follow-up system. Contact us for periodical maintenance as well.