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About us

Proposal for and Customization of Machinery fit to Users

Multi-purpose! A Wide Variety of Food Materials, such as Fresh, Chilled and Heat-processed Products
A way of cutting that users desire varies widely depending on food materials, such as edible meat, sea food, processed food, or fresh, chilled and heat-processed products.
A Proposal for A Combination of Optional Parts
Upon discussion with every user on a machine as a base, its specifications and necessary optional parts, we will make a proposal for a machine best fit to the need of every user in respect of the budget, purpose of use, etc.
Original Designing and Dedicated Customization
When a combination of a base machine with desired optional parts cannot meet the desired processing, we will make a proposal for a customized design dedicated to the user as well.
A best proposal will be made surely in accordance with users’ requests, including budget, purpose of use, etc.

An Approach to Hygienic Phase

Every model uses stainless steel as material to enable washing with water. In order to prevent the temperature of food material from lowering after processing, an optional device capable of performing sterilization right after cutting is available.

An Approach to Labor-savings

Our products are manufactured based on the concept of easy operation. We are making a strong effort to develop machinery that requires as less labor and skill as possible.

Support for Maintenance

Support for maintenance after the delivery of a machine will be provided so that ever user can use our machines for a long time and the machines can exert their capabilities.
The support for maintenance includes periodical inspection and overhauling, or advice for maintenance and others provided by our staff in charge, in response to users’ desires.

Examples of Requested Maintenance
■Abnormal noise occurs.
■Blunt-edged blade
■Inspection at users’ sites